A New Continent

Episode: Prologue - Pear Shaped

Session Zero

Attendance: AP, ZS, MD, TH, GP, CB.
January 7, 2017 at CB’s house.

We started with character creation and world building, and finished with a quick combat.

A new continent has been discovered and there is a land rush for colonization. Our heroes are members of the Mammoet Trading Company, tasked with scouting and mapping areas for exploitation by the company, either directly or through selling the information to third parties. Unknown dangers await in every direction, not the least of which is often tense relations with the local tribes.

Adventure: Those F’ing Bushes

We find our heroes camped for the night with a group of florists they were escorting to a unique flower. The camp was awoken by the screams of the watchman. There was rustling in the surrounding underbrush and soon more screams came from the tents. A woman was crying over a man bleeding bleeding from a severe puncture wound to his leg.

Our heroes leaped to action. They soon discovered that the movement in the bushes WAS the bushes. Knee-high creatures that looked like bundles of twigs were darting into the camp and attacking anyone they could find. In the initial confusion several of the florists were injured and Osuren barely saved the life of one, but soon the tide was turned and the creatures were quickly defeated. Thanks to quick work by ZS all of the injured were stabilized and recovered. In gratitude, one of the women whose husband was injured took up a collection as a thank you to our heroes.

Rewards: The gratitude of some florists, 18 gold, 25 XP.



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