A New Continent

Episode One

Session 1

Attendance: AP, ZS, TH, CB, MD, GP.
January 14th at CB’s house.

A pink box awaited our heroes as they started their day. Amily, the florist whose husband they saved, has been leaving treats of baked goods.

GP and TH discovered Phillipito’s Alchemy Shop where they found amazing deals deals on healing potions and spell reagents respectively.

Looking at the job board in the Mammoet compound in Port, they find a contract to scout a campsite for a mining camp. It was issued by CB’s cousin, Percival.

Adventure: There’s Amethyst In Them There Hills

Needing a boat up river, our heroes sought out an acquaintance of CB, Steamboat Willie. At first, Willie was only interested in some money he said he was owed, but our heroes were able to convince him it would be an exciting and interesting trip.

GP was able to follow Percival’s exhaustive and detailed map to to the area near the Amethyst and found an ideal landing near a good campsite. It turned out to be threatened by flooding if a beaver dam were to break. ZS was able to communicate with the beavers and found that they were more than willing to maintain the dam, but they were being harassed by some creature.

While CB and MD set up camp, the rest set about tracking down the beaver’s bane. After following game trails for a short while they felt they were getting close when they spotted snakes in the trees ahead. Snakes with wings.

While GP was lying on the ground, barely holding on to life with poison spreading through him, he looked to the side into a pair of beady eyes. The beaver’s bane was a skunk and it was put out that our heroes had killed or driven off the flying snakes that had been keeping predators away from the area around its home. ZS was able to convince it that there was another safe spot nearby. At CB’s urging it was someplace Percival would be sure to explore.

The immediate area clear of threats, they made camp for the night. During the night, GP heard signs of a predator towards the caves to the north. Sneaking up on the cave entrance, they overheard a pair of hobgoblins discussing a feud between the two bugbear brothers that led the goblin tribe. The tribe had been split between the brothers and was skirmishing back and forth. The hobgoblins wanted to put an end to the feud and find a way to reconcile the brothers.

Our heroes noticed two goblins guards and lured them out of the cave to try to find out more about the situation. The goblins told them about the petty arguments between the brothers, a long series of escalating pranks. The story apparently went on too long for TH and CB who suddenly killed the goblins in a surprise attack. Amidst the arguing that followed, the two hobgoblins discovered them and attacked.

Not wanting to start a war with a goblin tribe so close to the mining camp, our heroes arranged the corpses so that it appeared they killed each other.

With the threats dealt with or contained, they were able to scout a few possible areas for the mining camp and, their contract complete, headed back to Port.

Phillipito was thrilled to hear that his healing potions worked so well and asked GP to try some new potions he was working on. He also offered a discount for spreading the word about his shop.

Mae, the proprietor of a high-end apothecary shop was happy to buy the skins of the flying snakes and offered to buy any other exotic things they came across. She also requested a few live flying snakes.

Rewards: 25gp, 300xp (fast leveling). Initiative tracking: 25 xp to ZS. Bonus: 25xp to ZS for awesome mapping effects.



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