A New Continent

Campaign Building Session

A few weeks back, when most of us where there for game night, we decided on a few basics for the campaign:

  • It will be a sandbox, but not a hex crawl. There will be coherent stories, just mostly non-linear.
  • Sessions will be episodic. If you miss a night (or several) it will still be easy to get into what’s happening.
  • It will be D&D 5e. Anything official from WotC is allowed. Third party with approval.
  • Adventurers are common knowledge, but most people haven’t seen one outside of large cities that tend to be hubs for them.
  • Adventurers are usually considered interesting and exciting, but aren’t entirely trusted.
  • Low level magic is well known and common. High level magic is exponentially more rare, there are less then a dozen mages that can perform top level spells. This has created a divide between the haves and have-nots of magic.
  • The setting will be heroic adventure with a little grit, actions will have consequences, but we’re not going for complete realism.
  • The players will all be part of an organized guild of some kind, to be determined during the world building/character creation session the first weekend in January.



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