A New Continent

Episode 3

The Goblin-Gnome Cometh: Gerald & Redbud's Revenge

Attendance: AP, GP, ZS, KH
February 4, 2017 at GP’s Home

Dear Redbud,

Seems like just last week my fellows and I of the Mammoet Company were sent out to find the noble field leader Lawrence Wellweather and map the curious landscape of the Bent Tree Forest. Though we immediately found Wellweather’s campsite empty it was a nice diversion to walk among the nature and fortunate timing to come upon the vicious bramble and thorn bushes attacking so that we could assist in their demise. Our guide, GP, is quite handy in a pickle don’t you think? And ZS seems at home with the foxes and squirrels of the forest.

I wish you and your faithful maple guard-tree Gerald could have been with us when we took the raiding goblin camp down and found our wandering Lawrence Wellweather. Let me recount a tidbit of the action for you to share with your fellow sentient trees and animals of the forest…

A smattering of goblin foes danced and chanted around a campfire rifling through a bag they had discovered (most probably Wellweather’s) while Lawrence hid not too far away. Faced with the decision to charge in and eliminate the threat and save our companion or come up with a more complicated zany solution…we decided upon the later. After GP and ZS scouted the area and we unhatched our plan we set forth: GP stood by with arms ready in case anything went awry. ZS used his gnome illusions to transform into a mist shrouded goblin. He crept up to the campsite and with the essence of my divine blessing we unleashed theatrical holy horror upon the goblins. The ground shook, thunder rumbled, and the campfire flared high as goblin ZS jumped through the flames and their goblin God appeared before them. ‘You are in the wrong area!’ He scolded the goblin trash. With shame they begged his forgiveness and asked what they could do to make amends. ‘You will go upon a holy quest’ he commanded them ‘and find my divinity incarnate in a 3 tailed rat. You will build a throne for this rat in the far northeastern mountains. Then, shall you be alright again with your God.’ The Goblin’s bowed and agreed to the holy quest. They however scoffed as the Gobin God told them to leave the sack of treasure and after feeling rather generous he let them have the treasure to assist them on their quest. They set off immediately and the Bent Tree forest was miraculously saved.

After dropping his divine guise, ZS, GP, and myself introduced ourselves to Lawrence Wellweather and we spent the subsequent days mapping more of the forest, teaching Lawrence more respect for the handle and care of the environment, identifying plants, taking samples responsibly, and figuring out the best path through the forest for later travelers.

I do not know when we shall meet again, but I hope this sylvan messenger faerie (as I know Sylvan) I’m sending with my note shall give you a good cheer. I will definitely let you know if myself and my comrades run across the Smokewood Forest of your homeland and parents. Would love to hear from you when you have occassion to have more stories and let us know you are alright. As I will be out in the field with GP, ZS, and other explorers for uncertain lengths of time…please leave word at Mammoet Headquarters.

Much Peace to you, Gerald, and other life of the Bent Tree Forest.
Your Friend,

The gratitude of a small tree.
300xp. Everyone is now level 3!
Bonus xp:
ZS – 25xp for awesomeness
KH – 25xp for initiative, 25xp for adventure journal



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