A New Continent

Episode Two

Session 1

Attendance: AP, ZS, GP, CB.
January 21st at CB’s house.

Our heroes accepted a contract to find a pass through the mountains to the North East passable by wagons. Hoping that the river would lead them to a low place in the mountains, they again hired Steamboat Willy to take them upriver.

The trip was uneventful until reaching the foothills where they heard the chopping of wood ahead. GP put ashore while the rest continued on the river. GP soon encountered a guard from one of the local tribes who told him that the area ahead was off limits and he had to turn back.

Meanwhile, CB and GP steamed ahead and found a crude dock with one of the giant trees moored there. The chopping was coming from inside the tree. There were a couple of tribesmen on the dock who gestured animatedly at the boat before swimming over to it while several other tribesmen climbed out of the tree and began speaking loudly to each other. When the two swimmers climbed aboard they began speaking quickly, but no one on board spoke their language.

Back on land GP, undeterred, began trying to talk his way past the guard. Soon, relying on a shared love of woods lore, he had established a report with the young guard. When a group of raised voices drew the guards attention, GP agreed to watch the path while the guard went ahead to see what was going on. When the guard was out of sight, GP followed and found a dock full of shouting tribesmen talking about something strange on the water.

GP found the leader of the group and soon our heroes began negotiations with the tribesmen for information about the river and any pass through the mountains. They discovered that the river flowed all the way through the mountains, though goblins often guarded the far side. This meant they only needed to scout the goblin presence and they would have fulfilled their contract. But CB learned that the tribe used flying snakes as messengers and decided the new continent needed a snake message service. He was able to trade for two of the flying snakes and the services of Feema, who was familiar with caring for the snakes.

Hoping to catch the goblins off guard, our heroes steamed up the river through the night and arrived on the other side just before dawn. With the light of the rising sun, they scouted the area and found many tracks of goblins going back and forth along the riverbank.

With their contract now complete, our heroes set course back to Port to deliver the news and begin setting up message service.

Rewards: Two flying snakes, the services of Feema, 300 xp, 70 gp.



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